General Medical & preventative Health Care

All of our doctors can provide a full range of general practice consultations.Our focus is in providing the first point of contact and on-going management of your entire medical needs.We are aiming to provide quality healthcare for all patients, with an emphasis on health education and preventative medicine.Early detection of medical problems usually results in better health long term.
In addition, we have excellent relationships with other health providers locally and with medical specialists all over New Zealand. We are happy to advise you on referral to these services and to assist you in accessing health services.

Well Child Health

We provide FREE consultations for enrolled and funded children under 6 years of age. This is to enable you to access advice for any health concerns you have about your child.
Well child checks are done by the GP prior to the 6 week immunization and as requested. If you are choosing not to immunize your child please feel welcome to bring your child for regular checks.
Ensuring your child’s health is critical. We supply all immunisations recommended and will assist you to understand any concerns you may have about the immunisation programme. Our recall system will make sure no immunisations are missed and we will also ensure enrolment for the B4 school checks.

Women’s Health

Our doctors and nurses are skilled and knowledgeable in all areas of obstetrics and gynaecology, and can advise on fertility, pregnancy and contraception including insertion of IUCDs and Mirenas.
We provide well-woman check-ups, cervical screening and follow-up and use a patient reminder system for smears and mammography.
In pregnancy and the postnatal period we work cooperatively with your midwife or obstetrician.
We support women's choices for physical and psychological wellbeing around menstruation and menopause, including the perimenopausal period.

Men’s Health
Men’s Health Profile is a programme specifically designed with your health in mind.
We offer you the opportunity to attend our Clinic for a complete Medical Assessment.
This may include:

Full physical examination

Free laboratory testing for Cholesterol, PSA Score(if over 50), Diabetes and other health concerns.

Lung function testing

ECG (Cardiology test)

Free CVRA (Cardio Vascular Risk Assessment)

You may wish to have a comprehensive skin check.

Health Assessment: Your health profile will provide you with a comprehensive health risk strategy. This will involve a comprehensive clinical assessment, including where you need to focus your preventative efforts.
Disease Management: If, upon assessment, you are found to have a disease risk,(eg. Heart disease or diabetes) we can provide information and support to help you manage your own health. This ensures better health and clinical management.
Emotional Wellbeing: Stress, emotional or lifestyle issues can have a significant effect on your health and wellbeing. Identifying and managing these risks are an important part of managing your total health.

Accident & Injury Management

Our Doctors and Nurses are ready to treat emergencies and accidents. Together with fully equipped treatment rooms, we are ready to handle most of the accidents and emergencies. There is an initial surcharge for the first ACC consultation, no further charge for follow up consultation, dressings and plasters.

Travel Advice & Immunisation

Are you travelling overseas in the near future? There are a number of destinations where vaccination against the high risk of certain diseases is strongly recommended. Check with your doctor well before departure date to ensure you have the right vaccinations and that you have left enough time to complete the course, including any boosters that may be required. Here in NZ you can be confident the vaccination will be conducted using sterile equipment and procedures – not something you can guarantee in certain countries.
Our qualified Travel Staff offer a comprehensive Travel service covering:-
• Pre travel advice
• Travel vaccinations
• Prophylactic Medicines
• Post travel medical care
An experienced team of staff will provide you with all your health care advice, recommended prescriptions and required vaccinations for your chosen destinations.

Immigration & Employment Medical

Immigration New Zealand requires all applicants to have an acceptable standard of health.
Immigration medicals and other formal medical checks will usually involve an appointment with both a doctor and a nurse.

Minor Surgery

We are proud to be able to offer a range of minor surgical procedures out of our new facility. The facility has a minor surgery room with up to date equipment.
Our staff are well trained and professional. On-going training is the key to maintaining the high standards we set for ourselves.
Our practice has been selected for the District Health Board Skin cancer Surgery programme.
Procedures include removal of skin lesions, nail removals, lipomas, and cysts.
Dr Islam is providing complex skin cancer procedures. These include skin grafts and flaps to close the defect left when a cancer is removed.


Dr Islam is performing non scalpel vasectomy.
Vascectomy is performed under local anaesthetic in the surgery, using hospital infection control standards. This is a good option for those who have completed their families and reduces the need to travel to main centres.

Please phone to make an appointment with Dr Islam to discuss your options.


Circumcision of infant boys has been practised for centuries for religious and cultural reasons.
Dr Islam has been performing circumcision under local anaesthasia for last 10 years.

Mole Mapping

Skin cancer is particularly common in New Zealand.
New Zealanders are a high risk group for skin cancer due to our mainly fair skinned population, high sun exposure, our love of the outdoors and the high UV rates we often experience.
Early detection and treatment is vital. Melanoma, the most dangerous of all skin cancers can lead to death but if treated at an early stage, 95% can be cured
Any new skin spots that are unusual should be checked out as soon as possible.A spot check should be carried out every year or two, especially in fair skinned people.

Ear Health

A qualified ear nurse is available to offer an ear wax removal service using a microscope and low-pressure suction technology. The service includes removal of foreign objects, ear wax, Tinnitus, ear infection/discharge, hearing loss and unsettled perforation.